Partner Ecosystem 🌐

The best ecosystems are built with strong innovation partners that provide best-in-class products and services to deliver customers an irresistible experience. 

    Print on Demand (POD) Production Partners 🖨️💻
    Print on demand (POD) is a more sustainable alternative to the industry standard. Producing items on-demand means no overproduction and no wasteful overstock. Our core business model keeps our footprint smaller for a greener future.

    We currently use two POD partner to fulfill our production needs. Both have  extraordinarily high ratings for their industry in customer service, product quality and delivery times. 

      Platform Delivery 🛒💻

      • All built on an easy-to-scale e-commerce platform - Shopify

      Digital Tools 🛠️💻

      • Emoji designed by OpenMoji – the open-source emoji and icon project. License: CC BY-SA 4.0
      • Creative Commons Licensing
      • Designs created or compiled in Canva, PowerPoint, or BookBolt
      • All web, email, and marketing services other than ecommerce platform, provided by Tekmatix

      Publishing Partners 📕💻

      • Sunshine Farm Publishing
      • KDP Publishing

      Publishing Channels 🛒💻📲

      • Amazon
      • More coming soon


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