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Welcome to Moji Stickers, your gateway into the heart 🧡 of Emoji Expression! While this section is undergoing a makeover, you can still access a wide, wide range of emoji stickers just by browsing.  If you're feeling creative and want to design your own sticker, head directly on over to the Moji Customizer and start crafting your unique emoji sticker designs! 🌟

Beta Version
This section is currently being overhauled and is not currently organized into indexed sections. Some tips to help you navigate our moji sticker section:

  • Go to "Moji by Category" on the home page far left and navigate thru emoji by type to search all emojis currently available on Emoji Expression.
  • Or you can use the search field in the upper right hand corner and search 🔎 for the name of a specific emoji, example "rainbow sticker" or "rolling on floor laughing sticker" to search for the sticker you want. 
  • All emoji follow the standard unicode emoji naming conventions, so they will be named the same as you are used to using them on your mobile or other networked devices.

Everything on our site is customizable except for stickers and any custom Emoji Expression designs. See the About Moji Customizer for more details to start to #GetYourMojiOn!  🎇

Go directly to the Moji Customizer to start creating your own custom designs! Most of all, have fun! 🎊