Collection: Large Canvas Tote Bag (15x14)

This large reusable tote 👜 is practical for humans on the go.  👣 Stock up on these handy totes for shopping trips, library runs and storing your personal goods. They also stand out as great hostess gifts to have on hand or to custom-order for friends or loved ones. 🎁

This product is comprised of 100% cotton and is very sturdy as a regularly reusable 🔄 product. Avoid throwaway bags and have fun using your own stylish custom bags. Design bags for all your friends and family! 🌿🌎

See below for some fun designs you can purchase, personalize or use the Moji Customizer and  #GetYourMojiOn your own way!. Click the "customize" button within any of the product pages get started or go directly to the Moji Customizer and start creating now! 😊