Collection: Cotton Draw String Back Pack (18x14)

Drawstring backpacks 🎒 are a growing trend around the globe - and with good reason. They  are affordable, lightweight, and easy-to-carry over the shoulder. With the rise of eco-responsible tech like POD (print on demand), they are a great way to express one's individuality with easy shipping and customization, while being light on the resources. We've found them to be particularly popular with students, adventure travelers,  and health and wellness lifestylists. 😎

This product is comprised of 100% cotton and has a track record of being durable. Users benefit from practicing resource-saving principles and feel great with an eco-conscious mindset! 🌍🧠

See below for some designs you can purchase, personalize or use the Moji Customizer and #GetYourMojiOn your own way!. Click the "customize" button within any of the product pages get started or go directly to the Moji Customizer and start creating your own backpack for new adventures! Have fun! 🎉