Collection: Handsfree Fanny Pack (6x12)

Check out our retro fanny pack for humans needing convenient, hands free 🙌 carrying options for activities like biking 🚴‍♀️, hiking, sightseeing 🏞️ or exploring strange new worlds 🪐. Fanny packs are small and lightweight, and they are worn around the waist, which makes them very secure for carrying valuable items while traveling 🛫, visiting amusement parks 🎢 and other activities 🪂🗼🗽🗿.

Having a group outing, family reunion or other fun activity-based event and looking for an interesting, customizable giveaway? 🎁 A customized fanny pack is a creative and memorable to commemorate the event! 🖼️

See below for some playful designs you can purchase, personalize or use the Moji Customizer and  #GetYourMojiOn your own way!. Click the "customize" button within any of the product pages get started or go directly to the Moji Customizer and start creating your own custom designs! Create away! 🎉