Happiness Guarantee 😊

While we can not accept returns for customized products or sale items due to the highly personalized nature of these product and our print on demand production process with our partners, we want you to LOVE your purchase and working with the Emoji Expression team. 😁

If you get your order and don't love the way things turned out, email us within 30 days of receipt, and let's work together to solve any concerns. See our shipping and product policies for more detailed information. 👀👀

Mistakes happen. On either side (or both sides) of a transaction. And it can suck when you are expecting one thing and get something different. We get that  - been there, done that! 🥹

The key to a successful outcome is to communicate clearly what happened and what will to happen next to bring about a mutually beneficial solution. If it's our fault in any way, we got you! If its something we can work with you on to make it right, we are going to figure it out! We are super solutions oriented! 🙌🙌🙌

Our goal is to make sure we have happy repeat customers! 👍🥰

We also work hard to make sure our customer service team is happy, thriving and able to meet customer needs because they work in an awesome environment. Please work with us to make sure it remains that way. 🤝

Thank you so much! 🙏


Emoji Expression Team

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