Collection: Express Yourself with Emoji Expression Stickables

Welcome to the Stickables collection at Emoji Expression! Stickables are the perfect way to add personality and artistic flair to your life. ✨ Whether you're looking to decorate your car, fridge, or personal belongings, we've got you covered with three exciting categories of stickables.

Moji Bumper Stickers
These fun and affordable bumper stickers let you express yourself wherever you go. Spice up your vehicle 🚙, RV, personal property 🎸, or even your music cases and book covers 📚 with clever emoji phrases, pop culture commentary, and visual scenarios. Your favorite emojis come to life IRL as you take them for a spin! 

Moji Magnets
Bring art and expression into your spaces - home, work, play, and creative - with our versatile and budget-friendly Moji Magnets. Brighten up any area with your personalized emoji magic IRL! 🪄 Add a touch of personality and creativity to your surroundings effortlessly. Explore our playful designs, personalize them, or use the Moji Customizer to create your unique magnetic 🧲 masterpieces. Let your creativity flow and #getyourmojion your way!

Moji Stickers
Dive into the world of Moji Stickers! Navigate to "Moji by Category" on the homepage's far-left or use the search field to find the stickers you want. Everything on our site is customizable except for stickers and custom Emoji Expression designs. If you're feeling creative, head straight to the Moji Customizer and start crafting your own unique designs! 🎇

Get ready to unleash your creativity, decorate your world with emoji flair, and make your spaces truly your own. Stickables are all about expressing yourself, and with Emoji Expression, you're in control of your artistic journey. Let's get sticky and  #GetYourMojiOn in style! 💥