Lifetime Achievement 2022 - World Emoji Award screenshoot

2022 Most Popular New Emoji Award Winner 🥹 Face Holding Back Tears

In the world of emoji, popularity is measured not just by appearances but by the impact it makes in our digital conversations and connections. The Most Popular New Emoji award, hosted by Emojipedia, takes a deep dive into Twitter usage data to unveil the emoji that captured our hearts and screens in 2022.

This year, after analyzing over 463 million tweets (wowzers!) since September 2021, the coveted title goes to an unexpected yet relatable winner - the 🥹 Face Holding Back Tears. It proves that sometimes, it's the emoji that express our most complex emotions that resonate the most.

The Top Ten Most Popular New Emojis for 2022

Here's a glimpse of the emoji that made waves and dominated our digital conversations in 2022:

     1. 🥹 — Face Holding Back Tears
     2. 🫶 — Heart Hands
     3. 🫠 — Melting Face
     4. 🫣 — Face with Peeking Eye
     5. 🫡 — Saluting Face
     6. 🫰 — Pinched Fingers
     7. 🫢 — Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth
     8. 🫧 — Bubbles
     9. 🫥 — Dotted Line Face
    10. 🫤 — Face with Diagonal Mouth

These emoji reflect the diverse range of emotions and expressions that became a part of our daily digital interactions. While some are heartwarming, others are quirky or intriguing - all of them contributing to the rich tapestry of emoji culture.

The next time you use 🥹 or any of these emoji in your messages or content, remember that you're joining a global conversation, and you're doing it with style! 😊📅👏

And if you want to check out the Open Moji Melting Face - visit our Moji Sticker, go to the Moji Customizer to build your own Melting Face merch or search the site to check for other pre-made Melting Face merch.

If you love the Face Holding Back Tears Emoji, let us know! We'd love to hear if you thought it deserved to win or who you are rooting for in 2023!

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