Thank you Greta Thunberg and Young Climate Warriors 🌍

Thank you Greta Thunberg and Young Climate Warriors 🌍

Today I'm thinking about an incredible everyday leader and a remarkable force of nature – Greta Thunberg. She is a source of inspiration and hope to me.🌟

It's also not just about Greta. It is also the entire generation of young people who are standing up for their future and the future of our planet. 🌎

I could write about how much I admire Greta and many other unnamed younger people's unwavering dedication to the cause of climate justice, or I could gush about how incredible it is that she's out there, protesting in freezing temperatures with a sign that boldly declares "Keep it in the Ground." 🌨️❄️

But what truly inspires me is how the younger generation is taking charge of their destiny. They are not waiting for someone else to fix the problems; they're leading the charge themselves. That is my kind of action! The kind of passion and fervor that's truly inspiring. 🙌🙌🙌

Speaking of inspiration, which of course is the gateway to creativity and innovation... let me tell you a little something about Open Moji, the open source emoji set I use for my Moji Pop Art. 🎨

Open Moji doesn't just provide us with cute emoji; they've dedicated a set to climate emoji in their "extras-openmoji" library, including one of Greta herself. Allowing for more expression of climate expression ideas when using Open Moji. 

But here's the magical part (to me) – Open Moji is created by a school, with students and professors at the helm. They're the future, and they're already making a difference. 📚🎓

You see, the planet isn't just ours; it belongs to our young people too.  I think we romantize that in our words and songs, but don't do so in policy and action often enough. And to see them in action, well, they're reminding us that we need to safeguard our world for generations to come. 💙💚

This is important for reasons that we often overlook when we are arguing ideologies. So let's dig into a few key points about climate change without getting all preachy – because I believe in sharing information in a fun, engaging, and entertaining way! 🎉📢

Why New Energy Sources Are Vital 🌞
The world is changing, and so should our energy sources. It's time to bid farewell to fossil fuels and say hello to cleaner, more sustainable options. Not only do new energy sources help combat climate change, but they also create opportunities for innovation, job growth, and a healthier planet. 🌱

Big change like that is not easy. Think about what it was like going from horse to train to car. Or switchboards and private landlines, then text, mobile phones, smart phones and the Internet. These changes changed EVERYTHING. 

These wiped out industries and replaced them. That meant people lost their livelihoods and had to adapt. The more we fight inevitable change, the harder it is to win and the more suffering occurs. To win, you must adapt.

Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground 🤝
Greta and other climate activists have been shouting this from the rooftops, or rather, from the icy streets of Davos. It's high time we stopped investing in coal, oil, and gas. Why? Because takes many years for new projects to even be worth anything in terms of energy-use and in the meantime, the climate suffers. We cannot afford more of that, and our younger generation definitely cannot. 🙅‍♂️🛢️

The International Energy Agency has made it clear – we can't afford any new fossil fuel investments if we want to keep global temperatures in check. And if the growing rise in climate issues we are suffering around the planet is any indication - we definitely don't want temps rising more!🌡️

The Digital Divide and Its Silent Role in Climate Change 🌐
While climate change rightly dominates global discussions, there's another pressing challenge lurking in the shadows – the Digital Divide. It's an issue that often goes unnoticed, yet its consequences are intertwined with the very fabric of climate change.🌍

The Digital Divide refers to the unequal access to information and resources in our increasingly digital world. Just like climate change, it's a growing concern that disproportionately affects vulnerable communities, often amplifying the hardships they face.

Think about it – those who lack access to the Internet and digital resources are not only cut off from critical information about climate change but also from opportunities for education, innovation, and economic growth. They find themselves caught in a vicious cycle of disadvantage, with limited means to adapt to the changing climate or participate in climate action efforts. 

It's akin to trying to address climate change without giving everyone a seat at the table. The most vulnerable, those without access, are hit the hardest by climate-related disasters and the repercussions of the Digital Divide. 💻

While the urgency of climate change is clear, we must also recognize the Digital Divide as a formidable obstacle on our path to a sustainable future. By embracing open principles and knowledge sharing, we can bridge these gaps and create a more equitable digital landscape, ensuring that no one gets left behind in the fight against climate change.

As we celebrate the incredible efforts of young everyday leaders like Greta Thunberg and innovative initiatives like Open Moji, let's also shine a light on the Digital Divide. It's a challenge that demands our attention and action, for it is intrinsically linked to the fight against climate change. 💪

Here's to Greta Thunberg, Open Moji, and all the incredible warriors (young and old!) who are shaping a better future for us all. Thank you!🌟

You are incredible, and I am hopeful and grateful! 🙏


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