Legacy of Love - Letters, Encouragement, and the Power of Connection (Moji Musings)

Legacy of Love - Letters, Encouragement, and the Power of Connection (Moji Musings)

In 2018, I lost my mother to Stage 4 Small Cell Lung Cancer. It was a whirlwind timeline, a cruel twist of fate after she'd bravely battled breast, lymphatic, and skin cancer and survived. She had gone into the ER with pneumonia, and within 9 weeks she was gone. It was so unexpected. 💔

We lived thousands of miles apart. Mostly letters, cards, and emails were our bridge, with an occasional phone call across the distance. I was incredibly lucky that I was even there with her when she passed. 👀

I'm immensely thankful that I can now hold those letters and cards in my hands. Her words etched in ink, a tangible memory. It reminds me of my childhood dream, a yearning to be an "encourager," a bringer of sunshine into people's lives. It was the role, the job I wanted! And when I was told it wasn't an actual job, I then wanted to be a DJ because they played music and made people laugh. Then I learned about motivational speakers. And I always wanted to write. I loved making people happy with my words. 🌞

Most of my life, I always had a box of cards and regularly sent cards to people on a weekly basis. When email came out, I made it a point to subscribe to ecard services and do the same. I never stopped sending "snail mail" but I love tech, so I wanted to do both. 📬📧

My mother grew up in an orphange and foster homes. I ended up growing up in and out of foster homes as well, and spent time homeless and in shelters as a kid. I frquently lost everything except what was in my head or the few things I could pop in a pillow case or sometimes just a notebook. So stories, notes, and cards were very important to both of ustangible pieces of love and connection amidst impermanence and constant turbulance. 📔

My heart overflows as I write this. It is World Cancer Day and National Thank a Mailman Day and they are heavily intertwined in my mind, as I've been working on my content the past couple of days.  ✍️

Curating the Mailbox Magic playlist brought an unexpected wave of emotion. Songs I didn't include became portals to memories, each note echoing my love for my mother and the irreplaceable bond we shared through written words. 🎼

These Emoji-A-Day posts are more than just content for me. They are a mission. A call to bridge the gaps in our increasingly divided world. To find universal connections that unite instead of divide. Rituals are a form of universal language. When we embrace the warmth and vulnerability of writing handwritten messages, and showering our loved ones with encouragement, especially in these uncertain times, we create unity and connection. 🖇️

We all need connection, some more than others, but all of us crave that sense of belonging and support. So, I want to encourage you to pick up a pen, share your thoughts, memories, or whatever you want on a card, and spread the magic of human connection. And remember that even the smallest gesture can make a world of differencein someone else's life. And it can do you a world of good too! 💗

With love and heartfelt encouragement,

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We need to send out a letter to touch another soul 💕

Yvette Simon

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