Emoji - The Universal Language of the Internet 🗺️

Emoji - The Universal Language of the Internet 🗺️

In a world of over eight billion people, each with their own unique experiences and perspectives, YOU are a singular entity in the grand tapestry of existence, an individual. Here's a cool thought - there are billions of other "YOUs" out there, each one living their lives, just like you. 🤩

Now, consider a force so potent that it can connect you with any of these fellow travelers, regardless of age, location, profession, or identity. This is the power of a universal language—a language that transcends borders, demolishes barriers, and erases boundaries. Pretty cool! 😎

Embracing the Universal Language of Emoji
Now, let's take a leap into the world of imagination. 🤔

What if we were to liberate emoji from their digital confines and introduce them into our everyday lives? Picture the possibilities! What limitations could we shatter? What barriers could we dismantle?

Some might argue that we have to venture onto the Internet, or at least our devices, to access this power, but that's not entirely accurate. In reality, technology can come to us—it's not a one-way street. ⛗

Navigating the Internet's True Purpose
There's a common belief that the Internet was meant to bring people together, and that notion isn't far off the mark. However, it's essential to clarify how the Internet accomplishes this mission. The Internet doesn't stop at bringing people together in a digital space. It isn't a vortext that sucks people in and they never come out - even though it might seem like it! 🕳️

The Internet isn't a language itself; it's more akin to a vast platform (though, in the technical weeds, even this description falls short). In essence, the Internet's primary purpose is to connect people, serving as a conduit for communication 📡 (which is the key foundation for business, education, learning, ecommerce, etc...).

And here's where emoji can step into the spotlight—they are a universal language of this expansive channel. Given the Internet's global reach, connecting people from every corner of the world, it necessitates a universal means of communication. While we may erect regional language barriers, the quest for universal communication remains constant, driven by the need to transcend the limitations of small screens and concise text. Other universal communications include memes, gifs, art, music, etc... but even they stop short with certain differences and often language barriers. 🚧

Uniting thru Universal Expression
In our era of digital connectivity, emoji have emerged as our lingua franca, the bridge language, that spans linguistic divides and cultural differences that can often fragment our understanding of each other. They are the symbols that bring us closer to that dream of instantaneous connection with any "YOU" on this planet. 🌎🌏🌍

Emoji as we know them know are not a complete set. And they are not perfect for the type of communication that I am proposing. But if we start thinking of them in this way, the possibilities are really quite amazing. Think of all the problems and accessiblility issues we might work through. The way we might empathetically start problem solving just by thinking about how to building a more broad emoji set. 🤯

As we traveling our new hybrid world, let's think about the power of this universal language—emoji. It's not just a collection of smiley faces and thumbs up; it's a testament to our collective desire to overcome barriers and reach out to one another. 🫱


With empathy and purpose,

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