Audacious Amanda Gorman - Inspiring Change thru Art and Advocacy

Audacious Amanda Gorman - Inspiring Change thru Art and Advocacy

Today, I am deeply appreciative for the work and journey of Amanda Gorman. Her story is not just inspiring, it is a testament to the power of open ideals, free communication, and artistic expression.拎撾

Overcoming Unique Challenges
Amanda's journey, reminds me of my own in some ways; and I have always found that when another person (or character) touches you in such as way, it can be profound.She battles an auditory processing disorder and sound hypersensitivity, hurdles that she's not only overcome but turned into strengths. As a fellow neurodivergent individual, I deeply relate to her experience and many things she has shared in interviews.

For me, the world of high tech, "open," and writing has been my sanctuary, where I can truly excel and be myself. And before that, it was books, school, teachers and mentors - constant and never-ending learning and growing.

Setting Audacious Goals
What sets Amanda apart is not just her poetic prowess but her audacity to dream big. She aspires to run for president in 2036. I see that as a goal that's more than just a political ambition, it is alsoa commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Inspiring change as she moves ever closer to it along her journey. The sweet audacity of hope.To me it is a beautiful reminder that having a vision and unwavering determination can propel us toward meaningful change.荔

Championing Free Speech and Artistic Expression
Growing up, I witnessed efforts to suppress artistic expression and freedom of speech, from book bans to music censorship. In my childhood this took the form of literal book and record burnings and relentless messages about "satanic" influences ofthese materials.

At that time we didn't have all the access to information we have now. There wasn't the ability to fact check or easily research unless you went to the library and really dug into materials or found people with experience and first-hand knowledge. If you didn't have the ability of critical thinking and reasoning things out for yourself, then you primarily believed anything you were told by the people in your world. Why wouldn't you?

As I watch Amanda's advocacy against book bans, it speaks volumes about her commitment to free speech and open communication. These values are at the coreto keeping an open and free Internet, keeping access to books and media open, and to making sure that free speech stays free in the US and available to those who seek it.

I like to think that both Amanda and Istand for the unrestricted exchange of ideas and the power of art to foster understanding. And it is my hope that more people will understand that this is a freedom we cannot lose, and how close we really are to losing it as we regress in protecting freedom at this point in time.堆

Art as a Beacon of Hope
Amanda Gorman's inauguration poem, "The Hill We Climb," is a beacon of hope during turbulent times. It's a vivid illustration of how art and communication can transcend boundaries and inspire change. As artists and advocates for open communication, this should resonate profoundly within us. It reinforces our belief in the power of creativity to shape a better world.

The Ongoing Fight for Free Speech
The recent incident where Amanda's poem was banned at a Florida school serves as a stark reminder that the battle for free speech and artistic expression is far from over. It's a fight we must continue to champion.

In our work, we aim to bridge divides and promote universal languages that facilitate understanding among diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Kindred Spirits in the Pursuit of Change
In Amanda Gorman, I see a kindred spirit - an everyday leader who channels her gifts to inspire change, a fighter for free speech, and a visionary with a goal to make a difference. Our shared commitment to promoting open communication, self-expression, and the power of art binds our stories together.

As you work on your own creative endeavors, remember the indomitable spirit of Amanda Gorman - or anyone who specifically inspires you in this work. Channel her (their) determination to stand up for what's right, defend free speech, and use art as a force for positive change. I've found that having a muse or inspiration for specific ideas, helps to inpsire creativity and innovation in both my work and art.

It also helps me not to feel alone, especially on days when things can seem dark or scary for freedom. Keep moving forward!

In Solidarity and Inspiration,

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