All Things Pi - Celebrating Mathematical Magic ✨

All Things Pi - Celebrating Mathematical Magic ✨

March 14th is a celebration for mathematicians, pie enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a touch of magic! It's Pi Day, a global tribute to the fascinating and ever-elusive number pi (π), symbolized by the first three digits of the date: 3.14.

While pi might seem like just another number, its significance extends far beyond a few decimal places. This mysterious constant is omnipresent in our world, from the circumference of circles to the orbits of planets . It's the invisible force behind the design of airplanes ✈️, the construction of bridges, and maybe even the creation of delicious pies (yum!). 🥧😂 

Our journey of pi begins in ancient Greece, where mathematicians like Archimedes and Euclid first attempted to calculate its value. Their initial attempts involved using polygons with increasing numbers of sides to approximate the circumference of a circle, eventually leading to the valuable 22/7 approximation we still use today. ⭕️

As technology advanced, so did our ability to understand pi. With the ever-increasing computing power of machines, mathematicians have been able to calculate its decimal places to mind-boggling lengths. The current record stands at over 62.8 trillion digits, and the quest for more continues! 🤯

Musical Inspiration
In the mid-2000s, geologists and pi enthusiasts Kenneth Ferrier and Antoni Chan captured the essence of this captivating number in their song, "Mathematical Pi." This catchy tune goes beyond mere memorization, reminding us of pi's importance in shaping our world, from everyday objects to the grand mysteries of the universe. 🌌

Not to mention how inspirational and creative this amazing song is in inspiring millions of people around the world for well over a decade now. Many articles, blogs, and videos have been created based on this endeavor. I've created my own Moji Pop Art pieces and geek out to this song every year. It's tradition now! 🤣

Open Source Pi 🪙
Speaking of tradition, I have a 4 year tradition around people-powered Pi! Everyday I mine Pi on my phone! Let me explain!

Like the number itself,
the exploration of pi embraces an open and accessible spirit. This is brilliantly embodied by the Pi Network, a Stanford-alum blockchain project dedicated to building a fairer and more distributed, people-powered cryptocurrency. Launched in 2018, Pi allows anyone to mine Pi cryptocurrency  for free on their mobile devices, empowering people and fostering a more inclusive digital future. Read more about it in our post on Pi Network Mining. ⛏️

More Than Just Numbers
Pi Day is not just about celebrating a mathematical constant. It's a reminder that the world around us is filled with wonders ✨ waiting to be discovered. It's a tribute to the human spirit of curiosity and innovation . And, of course, who can resist a delicious slice of pie to mark this special occasion? 🍰

Join the Celebration
Whether you're a math whiz ‍ or simply curious about the world, there are countless ways to celebrate Pi Day. Dig into the history of pi, challenge yourself to memorize its digits, or simply appreciate its mathematical elegance. You can even contribute to the Pi Network, playing a part in building a more open and equitable future. 🟰

Ready to join the Pi Network revolution?
It's easy! Download the app (free!) and use my code: mktgfembot. Visit to learn more and become a Pi Pioneer or simply cheer on this incredible project.🎉

Happy Pi Day! π🪙🥧

Happy Mining,

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