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Spin Into Serenity ~ Celebrating Earth Rotation Day 💙 with a Bubbly 🫧 Moji Mashup! (Emoji-A-Day) ✨

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Hey Moji Maniacs!

Today on the Emoji-A-Day post, we are celebrating two unique days ~ Bubble Bath Day and Earth Rotation Day! 🫧 💙

Earth Rotation Day ~ Swirling Celebration
Forget the corks! We're celebrating the celestial swirl of Earth's rotation with a fizzy Moji Mashup. Picture this ~ you sink into a bubbly bath, the air filled with soothing ocean waves. Above, a breathtaking tapestry of stars and nebulas dances, courtesy of the Rossetta Star Projector.

Time for a History Dip

  • Earth in Motion - For centuries, philosophers and scientists pondered the Earth's rotation. In 1851, Foucault's Pendulum finally proved our planet wasn't static! Talk about bathtime inspiration!
  • The Allure of Bathing - From Cleopatra's milk baths to modern self-care rituals, soaking has always been a way to unwind. It's an escape from the daily grind, a chance to gaze into the future (of relaxation!) and simply be present.

    🌌 We dig it! 🌟



      • The first bubble bath product hit the market in 1933, called "Mavis." In 2018 the global bath product market was over $41B! We've come a long way, baby! 🫧
      • The average bath uses 35-50 gallons of water. Be mindful and conserve! ♻️
      • The first public planetarium opened in 1923 in Munich, Germany. Now you can create your own starry sanctuary at home! Just another reason we love tech! 😍
      • The Earth rotates at 1,670 km/h (1,038 mph). That's like spinning around the world 28 times a day! 🌎
      • The average person spends 2.7 years of their life in the shower or bath. 🛀
      • Studies show soaking in a hot bath can lower blood pressure and improve sleep. ⚕️


        Famous Fans of the Soaking Sanctuary

        • "I like bubble baths," confesses Blake Shelton. We see you, Blake, embracing the power of relaxation! 👀🤠
        • "I spend most evenings reading and taking long baths," reveals Shonda Rhimes. Take a cue from the queen of productivity, Shonda – self-care fuels creativity! 🛀🏿📖
        • "I'm a person who takes baths in the dark, alone," shares Rosanna Arquette. And now, Rosanna, you can bask in the cosmic glow with company – a celestial dance of light and sound. 🕯️🌌

        Moji Challenge
        Write down your favorite bathtime ritual. All the elements that make it work for you (not someone else or what you think it "should" be). Write in your journal, notes on your phone, wherever you will remember to look at it again. Put a reminder to visit it again. Baths are great for your health and well-being. They are for everyone. Make a commitment for yourself to take a bath at least once a week, month, quarter, every six months. Whatever it takes to start adding self care to your life.  Baths are for everyone. 🫧📱 #MojiChallenge


        Let's be honest, modern baths deserve a modern upgrade. And that's where the Rossetta Star Projector comes in, shining brighter than any shooting star

          Rosetta Projector

        • Dual Projection Lenses - Witness the dazzling beauty of both Northern Lights with 33 mesmerizing effects and a live starlit sky, transforming your bathroom into a canvas painted by cosmic brushstrokes.
        • Sound Activated Magic - Let your music guide the light show!  Turn your bath into a mini disco beneath a starry sky.
        • White Noise Lullaby - Drift off to sleep under a canopy of stars. 
        • Remote Control & Timer - No need to leave the comfort of your bubbles. Control everything from brightness and music to light modes and timer settings with the handy remote. 
        ➡️ Level up your bubble baths by heading to Amazon now! 🫧



        • Mucho Mojo Magic 🪄
          Earth Rotation Day? More like Earth Rotation Relaxation Day! Time to celebrate with a bubbly bathtime bash and personalize your chill with Moji CustomizerThink bathtime bliss, cosmic swirls, and a dash of self-care magic! Transform your world with:
          • Fizzing Fashion - Design a t-shirt that screams "Bubble Bath Queen" or a hoodie adorned with a playful "Earth Rotates? I Float!" slogan. Add dancing bubbles, starry skies, or even a sassy unicorn floating on a rainbow cloud for extra whimsy.
          • Bathing Bag Bliss - Tote your bath essentials in a bag boasting a cosmic swirl design or a cheeky "Excuse Me, My Bath Awaits" slogan. Add your favorite emoji mascot for a personal touch.
          • Magnetic Mojo - Magnetize your fridge or locker with a bubbly emoji face or a celestial bath scene. Let your magnets remind you to prioritize self-care and embrace the endless spin of relaxation.

        • Moji Mashup 🫧+ 🔮 = ?
          Get ready to channel your inner strange fruit! Today's mashup pairs the Bubbles 🫧emoji with the Crysal Ball🔮emoji, reminding us that no matter how far in the future we look, bubbles baths will never go out of style!  Check out the outcome on our Facebook or Pinterest. Thanks for sharing your insights Google Emoji Kitchen!  
        • Bubbles on Emojipedia 🫧
          Dig into the Bubbles emoji description, emoji origin details and Unicode deets, and peek into the different emoji design versions for various platforms at Emojipedia, the ultimate emoji encyclopedia! 📚📲

        • Playlist - Slip into the bubble bath mood with the Cosmic Bubble Bath Playlist on Spotify.

          • Sally Ride - Janelle Monáe

          • Space Oddity - David Bowie
          • Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy
          • Rocketman - Elton John
          • Fly Me to the Moon - Sia

          • Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra

          • Across the Universe - The Beatles
          • My Universe - Coldplay, BTS

          • Cosmic Love - Florence & The Machine
          • Starlight - Taylor Swift

          Grab your bubbles, crank up the tunes, and prepare to spin into serenity! Use your own playlist or check out our Cosmic Bubble Bath Playlist on Spotify with the above ten tracks and more! 

          Share your cosmic bath set photos (keep it clean!) with us. Even better if you set the whole scene with the Rosetta Projector - can't wait to see how you express yourself! 

          Today's not just about bubbles and stars; it's about appreciating the Earth's incredible, spinning journey and the importance of taking a moment to relax and celebrate- even celebrities do it, so there's no reason for you to not give in and let Calgon take you away!

          Stay tuned for tomorrow's emoji adventure! 🎉 Until next time, keep it round and bubbly!  🙌

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