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Quitting for Good 🌬️🚭 + Acts of Kindness 🙌 (Emoji-A-Day)✨

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Today's Emoji-A-Day celebrates #NationalNoSmokingDay and #NationalGoodSamaritanDay with a focus on support! Quitting smoking is hard, but having a strong support system can make all the difference. Let's ditch the smokes, spread kindness, and show some serious support! 💖💪

Quitting Crew Assemble! ✊💨🚫
Know someone trying to quit smoking (or vaping)? Be their biggest cheerleader! Offer support, celebrate their wins, and remind them they're not alone. Even small acts of kindness can make their journey easier. 💖

How to Help 💡

  • Be patient & understanding - Quitting takes time, there might be setbacks. Focus on encouragement!
  • Practical support - Offer distractions, help with errands, just listen when they need to vent.
  • Celebrate the wins - Every smoke-free hour is a victory! Acknowledge their progress. 🎉

Share the Love 💖
Know someone who was an amazing support system during a tough time? Share their story below! Let's inspire each other to be those everyday heroes who lift others up. 💫

Your "Build It Your Way" Soundtrack 🎶
Get ready to be motivated, inspired, and ready to create! Our Build It Your Way Playlist is packed with anthems of possibility. Crank it up and get to work! 

Let's dig into some fun facts and inspiring tidbits about quitting, kindness, and the power of support! 🙌🚭

    • Quitting Champions - Kicking the smoking habit improves your health, saves you money, and makes your loved ones proud! Every step towards being smoke-free is a WIN. 💪🚭
    • Did You Know? - Nearly 70% of smokers want to quit. Your support could mean the world to someone! 📊🌎
    • Quitting Mythbuster - It's never too late to ditch the smokes! 🚫 Every quit attempt, big or small, improves your health! 🚬 💪
    • Need Matter - Quitting hotlines, support groups, and online tools offer additional help. Share what you know – it could change someone's life. ☎️💻
    • Support = Success - Having a strong support network can double your chances of quitting smoking for good! 👫Be someone's cheerleader, it makes a real difference. 🙌
    • The Science of Support - Helping others boosts our own happiness and well-being! It's a win-win. 😊💖
    • Everyday Heroes - "Good Samaritans" don't wear capes, they offer a helping hand, a listening ear, or a simple smile. People report feeling big gratitude for little acts of kindness. 🙏
    • Small Acts, Big Impact - Offering a listening ear, celebrating small wins, or just checking in can make someone's difficult journey a little easier. ☀️
    • Ripple Effect – One small act of kindness can inspire a chain reaction of positivity! Make someone's day brighter. 🌟
    • Kindness is Contagious – Sharing stories of everyday heroes inspires others to do good. Let's create a ripple effect of positivity! 💫
    Question of the Day
    What's one way you can support someone who's trying to quit smoking (or another challenging goal)? Share your tips! 🤔 


    ~ Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. ~

    - Carol Burnett, Actor, Comedian

    ~ Be kind and help others. Let the ones you love know you love them. ~

    - Kyle Carpenter, Living Medal of Honor Recipient, Motivational Speaker

    ~ It always seems impossible until it’s done ~

    - Nelson Mandela, First President of South Africa, Activist


    Moji Challenge Prompt
    ➡️ Emoji Power-Up: Your Quitting Crew 🌬️🚭🙌 
    • The Concept - Think of someone working towards a tough goal – quitting smoking, changing a habit, or tackling a big project.

    • Instructions
      • Emoji Storytelling - Design a simple visual using emojis to symbolize their journey and the support you offer (or want to offer). 
      • Emoji Ideas - a cheerleader emoji, a bandage (for healing), a strong arm, person raising hand (for support) emoji, etc. 💪🩹📣🙋‍♀️🙋🙌 
      • Words to Inspire - Add a few lines about why you're in their corner and what you admire about their perseverance.
        • 💪📚🙋☕ Caption: You're crushing those late-night study sessions! Coffee break is on me when you conquer this exam!
        • 🤩🎨💪😌👂 Caption: Your art is incredible, and I know this project is tough. Believe in yourself, I'm always here to listen!
        • 👟🏞️🙋‍♀️ 💬 Caption: Ready to be your hiking buddy on your smoke-free journey! Fresh air and good company FTW.

      Optional - Moji Customizer Fun

          • Make it extra special by adding your design to a t-shirt, mug, or sticker! (see below) 

      Share & Inspire - Post your design, tag your "quitting crew" member (if they're okay with it!), and use📱#MojiChallenge #QuittingCrew 

      • Moji Magic 🪄 
          • The Spark of Inspiration - Recall a time someone showed you unexpected kindness. Focus on how it felt and the impact it had.⚡️
          • Emoji Expression - Create a simple image using emoji to capture the essence of that act of kindness and how it made you feel. ✨
          • Words of Power - Alongside your emoji, write a few sentences describing the act of kindness, and why it still warms your heart. What qualities did the person demonstrate?
          • Pay it Forward - Think of a simple way you can spread some kindness today, inspired by that memory. 💫💖
          • 🍪🤗 🚪 Caption: Baking cookies for my neighbor just because! Sharing a little sweetness.

          • 📱🙏☀️ Caption: Sending a 'thinking of you' text to a friend who's been going through a tough time. Sometimes all someone needs is a reminder that someone cares.

          • 📞👵📱 Caption: Time to call Nana! She always makes me laugh, and I want to brighten her day too.

            Sharing & Inspiration

              • OPTIONAL - If you want to make this a hands-on activity, use our Moji Customizer  to create a simple design representing your "Kindness Spark" memory!
              • Share with your inspiration!
              • Moji Mashup 🌬️ +  👻 = ? 
                In this Moji Mashup we paired Wind Face 🌬️ emoji with Ghost 👻 emoji to showcase the longterm effects of smoking. Check out our Facebook or head on over to Pinterest to see our final creation from the Google Emoji Kitchen today! 😮😵

              • Wind Face on Emojipedia 🌬️
                Dig into the wind face description, tech origin details, and unique emoji design versions across different platforms at Emojipedia, the ultimate emoji encyclopedia! 📚📲

              • Playlist - Ready to breathe easier and kick those cravings to the curb? We've got your Quitting Crew Playlist packed with songs to support you on your smoke-free journey. From tough-love anthems to reminders you're not alone, this music will be your quitting soundtrack. 🌬️🚭🎵

                • Stop Smoking (We Love You) - Car Seat Headrest 
                  Supportive anthem for ditching the smokes – think of it as your friends cheering you on! 💖✊

                • Stop! In the Name of Love - The Supremes 
                  This classic gets a new meaning when it's about quitting for good! Think of it as self-love taking charge. 💖

                • Don't Smoke - Wildfire Manwurrk 
                  Need a quick willpower boost? This song is your straightforward reminder to stay strong! 💪🚫

                • Little Billy's Doing Fine - The Who 
                  Imagine a healthier future – this song paints that picture, reminding you what you're working towards. ☀️

                • Between Two Lungs - Florence + The Machine 
                  Quitting isn't easy, and this powerful song acknowledges the struggle, but also celebrates overcoming hard things. 💪💥

                • Breathe Me - Sia 
                  Take a deep breath and remember, you're not alone in this! This song is a reminder to ask for help and find support out there. 💖🤝

                • Song for a Friend - Jason Mraz 
                  Think of this as your "quitting crew" anthem – a reminder that people are there for you. 😊

                • Here for You - Kygo, Ella Henderson 
                  Celebrate your wins with this upbeat tune! It's like your friends cheering you on every step of the way. 🎉

                • One Call Away - Charlie Puth 
                  Need a shoulder to lean on? This song reminds you that support is just a call away. ☎️💖

              For You or a Friend 🚫
              Quitting isn't just about willpower – it's about community too! Keep this Quitting Crew Playlist on repeat, reach out to your support system, and celebrate every smoke-free day. You've got this! 💪🎶

              Wrappin' Up
              Today we celebrated ditching the smokes, spreading kindness, and the power of a strong support system. Everyone's quitting journey is unique – focus on encouragement, not pressure! Here's how to keep that positive momentum going:

              Take Action

              • Be Someone's Quitting Crew - Know someone trying to quit? Offer practical support, understanding, and celebrate those wins. 🌬️🚭
              • Pay it Forward - Perform a random act of kindness today! You never know the impact a small gesture can make. 💫
              • Share Your Story - How did kindness get you through a tough time? Tell us below to inspire others! 💖
              • Need Quitting Support For Yourself or a Friend? You're not alone! Here are some resources:
              • Focus on You: Practice self-kindness too! Sometimes the best way to help others is by taking care of yourself. 🩷

              Keep Spreading the Love! 
              Share or tag someone who inspires you with their kindness or determination. See ya tomorrow for another Emoji-A-Day adventure where we keep learning, creating, and discovering together! Believe in yourself – we sure do! 💖

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