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Money with Wings 💸 Inspires Us to Fly Beyond the Pay Gap! (Emoji-A-Day) ✨

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Hey Moji Maniacs!

Today's Emoji-A-Day post kicks off with a doubleheader: International Parity at Work Day (aka an Equal Pay Day) and the slightly less exciting No Longer New Year's Day (party's officially over, folks!). While we're shrugging off the second one, we're shining a spotlight on the first – the fight for equal pay! ✊

It's no secret that the world has a wage gap issue. Women globally earn only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes! This unfair reality exists in every country, industry, and profession, and at the current rate, it could take a whopping 257 years to close. It's not just unfair, it's downright ridiculous! 💢

Our spolight emoji is Money with Wings 💸 emoji. But hey, don't go shrugging your shoulders like our second emoji of the day. 🤷‍♀️ ‍ Instead, let's use today as a springboard to raise awareness and make a difference. 🥳

Here's how you can be a part of the Moji-Revolution wage parity:

There will be many opportunities to address this issue throughout the year, and since half of the world is female - we'd like to help you get up-to-speed on this issue, so you can be a part of the solution. Standing up for your mothers, sisters, daughters, friends - and yourself is badassery in action!  After all, when we all help each other out when things aren't fair, the world becomes a better place! 🙌


  • Women earn only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes globally.
  • This gap is deeper for women of color (70 cents for Black women and 65 cents for Hispanic women)
  • This gap exists in every country, industry, and profession - it's a worldwide issue - we are all in it together!
  • It could take 257 years to close at the current rate - we have to work together!
  • Women with children face an even wider "pregnancy penalty" - it is vital we all educate ourselves to understand these issues. They affect us all.
  • International Parity at Work Day was first held in 2017 and aims to raise awareness about workplace inequality.


~ We need to stop buying into the myth about gender equality. It isn't a reality yet.  ~  

- Beyoncé
Moji Challenge
What can you do today, inspired by Money with Wings, to take one small step towards financial progress in your life or impact a woman you care about in a postive way so she can have a better life? 📆 Maybe it's finally asking for that raise, researching investments, or starting a side hustle. Or helping someone else in a safe, positive way.  Share your goals and ideas in the comments or go to social and share!📱 #MojiChallenge



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3) "Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide" by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever

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  • Moji Mashup💸+🤷‍♀️= ?

    We love playing in the Google Emoji Kitchen - you never know what you'll get! Today's mashup pairs the Money with Wings emoji with the Woman Shrugging emoji, for quite the drole outcome. Check out our Facebook page or Pinterest board to see how it turned out! 🤣😂💀

  • Money with Wings  on Emojipedia 💸
    Dig into the Money with Wing's official description, emoji origin details, and peek into the different emoji design versions for various platforms at Emojipedia, the ultimate emoji encyclopedia! 📚📲

  • Playlist - Turn up the volume and let these anthems fuel your fight ✊

    • Pay Gap by Margo Price
    • Cinderella Snapped by Jax
    • 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton 

    • Kings & Queens - Ava Max
    • I am Woman - Hele Reddy
    • Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé

    • Fighter - Christina Aguilera  
    • Respect - Aretha Franklin
    • We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister 
    • The Revolution - The Score

    Head over to Spotify to check out the Equal Pay Me Playlist

    for these tracks (and more!) that inspire you to stand up for pay parity! Got suggestions to add to the list? Share them with us and we could add them to the playlist! ❤️‍🔥

    Let's not shrug off the wage gap – it's time to make Money with Wings 💸 a symbol of empowerment, not inequality. We can close the gap and create a fairer world for everyone if we work together. After all, doesn't it suck when the you don't get a fair shake? Be part of the solution. Every little bit helps. 🤑

    Stay tuned for tomorrow's emoji adventure! 🎉 Until next time, keep sparkling! ✨

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