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Dragons 🀄 Meet Printers 🖨️ - A Roar of Creativity and Ink-Stained Scales! ️(Emoji-A-Day) ✨

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Hey Moji Maniacs!

Today, Emoji-A-Day is celebrating a double power whammy with Appreciate a Dragon Day 🐉 and Printing Ink Day! 🖨️

Activate your moji force superpowers because we're about to unleash a fiery fusion of fantastical creatures and potent ink, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of Moji magic, of course!  ✨

Red Dragon Mahjong - Master of Ink and Destiny
The mighty Red Dragon (中, chun) Mahjong 🀄 emoji, isn't just a tile in a game. It's a symbol of potent energy, fiery passion, and the unpredictable twists of fate. Just like a dragon soaring through the sky, it embodies boldness, adaptability, and the power to shape your own destiny. And never forget - even the fiercest dragons start as tiny eggs, waiting to unfold their majestic wings and ink their own stories on the canvas of life. 🪺

️The Magical Inkwell - Power of Ink
Forget the dull black and white of yesteryear! Printing ink has exploded into a rainbow of possibilities, from neon explosions to shimmering rainbows and even eco-friendly, veggie-based wonders. The future of print is as colorful as your wildest emoji dreams! And guess what? We're all about that colorful magic here at Emoji Expression. Our cutting-edge Print-on-Demand technology lets you express yourself on a canvas of your own choosing, all while being kind to the planet and creating only what you need.✍️

Where Dragons Dance with Ink - A Spark of Inspiration
Imagine a world where dragons not only soar through the skies but also dip their fiery claws in ink, leaving trails of dazzling calligraphy on scrolls. Or picture printing presses powered by dragon scales, churning out stories faster than a wyvern chasing treasure! This is the spark of inspiration for today's Moji Challenge ~ unleash your inner dragon-ink hybrid! ❤️‍🔥


  • Did you know? The Red Dragon in Mahjong isn't just a lucky charm, it's worth more than all your opponents' tiles combined! Like a dragon hoarding its treasure, it brings ultimate victory. 🀄
  • Mythical Mojo - In Chinese lore, dragons aren't just fire-breathing beasts, they're symbols of prosperity. The next time you tap the Red Dragon emoji, remember, you're summoning good fortune for your creative ventures! 💴
  • Feeling like a firecracker? 🧨 The Red Dragon emoji is your secret weapon, blasting confidence and determination to overcome any obstacle.
  • Speaking of legends, did you know Johannes Gutenberg's printing press was like a dragon, breathing knowledge onto the masses? Talk about a game-changer! 🤯
  • Soybean ink? Veggie dyes? Who needs boring black when you can print your dreams in rainbow explosions of eco-friendly ink? The future of printing is as colorful as your wildest emoji dreams!♻️
  • Storyteller's secret weapon - The printer 🖨️ emoji isn't just for office memos. It's a symbol of the magic that happens when words connect us all. Let your unique voice roar through the world, one emoji at a time! ️️


    ~ If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons ~

    - Ilona Andrews
    Moji Challenge Prompt
    🐲 Your mission? Craft a one-page short story, poem, cartoon, lyric, painting – anything that captures the essence of dragons and ink, any kind of dragon and any kind of ink! Let your imagination run wild, embrace the power of your unique voice, and show us how your inner dragon powers up with the magic of ink. Share your creations on social media with #MojiChallenge and let's celebrate the fiery power of creativity! 📱 #MojiChallenge



    Unleash your inner fire-breathing photo dragon with the Canon Selphy CP1300! 🖨️

     Canon Selphy CP1300 Mobile Printer

    This pocket-sized marvel isn't just a printer, it's a portal to instant photo magic. Transform your phone's pixels into fiery memories that dance off the paper thanks to bright, long-lasting inks. And forget clumsy cords - the CP1300 is a WiFi whisperer, letting you conjure prints straight from your phone or tablet, wherever your adventures take you.

    Thousands of happy customers have already discovered the joy of tangible memories. Skip the pixelated blues and watch your pics morph into fiery keepsakes in seconds! No clunky computer, no messy cartridges - just pure printing wizardry.

    The CP1300 is the ultimate companion for photo adventurers. Imagine printing out dragonscapes during a hike, or sharing party pics with fiery borders - the possibilities are endless. And don't forget the enchanted paper varieties – stickers, cards, even squares that fit perfectly in your pocket like whispered secrets.

    So ditch the digital dragons and embrace the magic of touch. Grab your CP1300 and get ready to breathe life into your memories, one glorious snap at a time. The world is your canvas, and the CP1300 is your fiery brush.

    ➡️ Get yours on Amazon now! We love it! 🐉❤️‍🔥


    • Moji Magic 🪄
      Let loose your inner dragon-ink hybrid! Design your own dragon-themed 🐉 merch using the Moji Customizer. Add splashes of ink, fiery scales, and powerful quotes to create a masterpiece that embodies your unique spirit. Share your creations on social media with #MojiChallenge! 📲

    • Moji Mashup 🀄 + 🖨️ = ? 
      Check out how our matchup of the Red Dragon Mahjong 🀄 emoji with the Printer🖨️ emoji turned into a newsworthy mashup!  See what we cooked up in the Google Emoji Kitchen 🍳on our Facebook page or Pinterest board and share your own dreams in our Moji Mosiac FB group! ✌️ 

    • Red Dragon Mahjong on Emojipedia 🀄
      Dig into the Red Dragon Mahjong's description and tech origin details, and unique emoji design versions across different platforms at Emojipedia, the ultimate emoji encyclopedia! 📚📲

    • Playlist - We've curated ten tracks that blend the power of dragons with the rhythm of printing presses. Feel the power!

      • Believer - Imagine Dragons

      • Heart of a Dragon - DragonForce

      • Dragon - Miriam Bryant

      • Dragon Attack - Queen
      • Dance with the Dragon - Jefferson Starship
      • Dragon Queen - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

      • Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul and Mary 

      • Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys
      • Come with Me Now - Kongs
      • Nightmare - Halsey 

      • Mahjong Room - Ginger Root (BONUS TRACK) 😊

    Dragons and ink are powerful tools for using your unique voice and leaving your mark on the world. So grab your pens, paintbrushes, digital tablets, or whatever ignites your creative spark, embrace your inner dragon, and let the magic flow! 🐲🀄🪄

    Stay tuned for tomorrow's emoji adventure! 🎉Stay Sparkly! ✨

    Got feedback? 💌 Tag us and use #MojiMosaic for a chance to be featured in future Emoji-A-Day posts! ☮️🖖❤️😊

    P.S. Don't forget to check out our Dragon Power Playlist on Spotify, curated with ten tracks that blend the might of dragons with the rhythm of printing presses. Feel the power!Stay tuned for tomorrow's emoji adventure! 🎉Stay Sparkly! ✨

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